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Bigs and Bangs is a comprehensive music production powerhouse. With a wealth of expertise in crafting top-tier musical compositions across a diverse spectrum of artists and TV & Film projects, their portfolio boasts a remarkable array of achievements. Notable collaborations encompass Karma's World, the animated series by Ludacris on Netflix, Kidnation, Ludacris' platform for young audiences, as well as contributions to BET's "Fanatic," Boney James, VH1, UFC, and numerous others.

The foundation of Bigs and Bangs is deeply rooted in a musical journey that originated within the confines of church settings and extended to various bands. This rich background has culminated in their exceptional adaptability, enabling them to seamlessly navigate the production of genres spanning from Pop, Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B, to Country, and beyond.

The mission of Bigs and Bangs revolves around concentrating their energy on the continuous delivery of high-quality music, while simultaneously persisting in building a positive and esteemed business reputation within the music industry.

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